Visual Identity

A visual identity is a certain (graphic) style that is related to an entity (e.g.  a company, instition, brand, event or even an individual) that is meant to create a continuity in the presentation of that entity. The goals of a visual identity are:
-Recognition of the entity
-Sign of continuity and professionality
-Expressing the identity of the entity
Recognition of the entity is a really important aspect of visual identity. Due to the recognition of a Visual Identity, people will immediately associate what they see (for example a store sign) with earlier experiences with this entity (for example a commercial). Continuity creates a feeling of reliability and trust and expressing the entity’s identity is often done through the logo (for example a company for toys will have a happy and colorful logo, whereas a governmental institution will have a more serious and neutral logo)

A Visual Identity can consist of;
-A logo (Text, picture or a combination)
-A group of colors (often also used in the logo)
-A certain framework or graphical style
All of these are working together to present the identity of the entity.

Application of Visual Identity
the logo is often put on signs, business cards, product packaging, stationary etc.
-the color scheme, graphic imaging, type can be used in literally everything, from buildings to magazines and also often the products that a company produces

Examples of visual identity

Visual identity of bosch:

The logo is bold, big and red. It represents sturdiness and durability. The added image is given a nice shine and gives it a feeling of modernity and high-tech. these are probably values that this company wants to be associated with.

In these pictures we see a tool range of bosch, what is visible is that there is a continuity in the usage of shapes and color. The logo always comes back in the same way. When you’ve seen a few you will be able to recognize this company’s tools really quickly

This is a red background with two white curves. But almost everybody will immediately feel the association with Coca-cola, therefore this is in my opninion a really strong visual identity

Most people in Istanbul will not have to see the down-right corner to understand wich footballclub is meant here. This is an example of the colors of a visual identity being enough by themselves (in text thought) to identify the entity

This picture shows how a logo can change throughout the years, but stays recognizable as presenting that entity. Especially since it’s a gradual change people will always identify this with ford.

In these examples I hope to have made clear what a Visual identity is and how it is used

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3 Responses to Visual Identity

  1. kutayc says:

    well, i found your ford logo example pretty good. its just like a scene from a heraldry museum 🙂 we can see the usage of script in every timeline which makes a visual acquaintedness in each logo. so thats the originality.. i suppose

  2. Some nice work there I particularly like the example of football club, colours are factor of visiual identity.

  3. firatgunal says:

    Especially automobile companies like fiat, ford and Nissan have the tendency to change their logo’s and colors frequently.

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