Logo Design – Concepts

These are the final concepts i found for the Logo design of Hersey supermarket. I narrowed the amount of logo’s down and went with these 5 designs to improve and finalize them. Here I will be explaining a bit about my choices and the design of the logo’s

To start with you can see that most of the logo’s use a really square, bold type. This is I think appropriate because you want a supermarket to be recognized as a settled entity, especially with a name like her sey, you also want to give the impression that everything would fit in there.

The first logo I searched for something to create more connection between the letter. I think connecting the E’s gives a nice solidity to the words, and helpd connecting her to sey. the idea was to create a kind of bucket for the other letters, expressing the idea of a market that contains everything.

The second one I really wanted to go for an overdone American style logo. Something flashy. I think it works pretty well, also for a supermarket. The black and white doesn’t completely work though. I think the logo really comes to life with colors. I added a concept of that below.

The Third logo is handwritten and the only one not being bold and square. I’m not completely convinced of it, but it might be nice with some tweaks.

The fourth logo is a merge of the two words. I think it is readable and speaks supermarket. What I like is that with this logo it would be possible to turn the HS into a detachable symbol to use on other items.

The firth logo is a cross of the two words, like in the first one an attempt to merge the two words into one entity.

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