Barcode Design

Although i have seen it before, intresting barcode design, i have never seen it in the quantity that this company offers. in the link you can find a gallery with a lot of different ideas (Licensed and priced:) the thing is that a barcode is always the same, and what these guys do with it i think is really intresting. the good thing is that they still work as being barcodes. so even though they are sometimes completely scrambled the scanner will still take them, i think personally that if you’re selling sport shoes the running man (as depicted below) really adds to your packaging and could make it stand out just that little bit more.

Here I pictured some of the ones I liked the most:

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One Response to Barcode Design

  1. kutayc says:

    its good to have the b code stuff not in an all in a days work thing, it definitely gives unique qualities when such technological musts are concealed in such ways. its good to see irritating things are blotted out, put out of the attention.

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