In my previous post i talked about minimalistic design. there’s one part of graphic design however that is completely based on minimalism. pictogram design is an art, it’s the art of conveying a message (sometimes a really important one) to the viewer in a split second and with a very simple, usually extremelly schematic depiction of the action. it has to be clear in it’s message and robust. this means that your pictogram should be understandable from far away, when it’s dirty, badly printed etc. etc. i collected some examples (some of them are classic and seen around the world) that i found to be particulary good working.

The Escalator one is mostly briliant because the simpleness of it. there’s a man and a shape that resembles an escalator. same goes up for the litter box, very simple but it says enough. the roadworks sign is an internationally known sign and i just like the picture very much. the passport control icon i think is brilliant because it shows two white lines and immediatly he becomes an officer.

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