Visual identity design of a supermarket

Research on Visual İdentity of supermarkets

Supermarkets need a big and widespread Visual İdentity because they usually apply their concept to numerous stores of different location and size. This means that supermarkets and all of their subdivisions have to be organized as one recognizable entity. Also supermarkets often attract a wide and various public. Advertisements in the paper have to be immediately recognized as being a part of that specific brand. Often supermarkets choose one, maybe two, colors that are used in almost everything and enables really strong branding. The nature of the supermarket doesn’t speak that clearly out of the visual style other than an indication if it’s a discount or high end supermarket. This is because supermarkets speak to such a wide public that it is better to keep a more neutral expression

Names of supermarkets:
Albert Heijn/Albert Heijn To Go
De Spar

Carrefour SA/Carrefour Express SA/Dia SA
1/2/3/4/5M Migros/ Sok/ Tansas/ Macrocenter

Appliance of Supermarket Visual identitys
-Building Design and the Sign outside on the wall
-folders, advertisements, flyers etc.
-Layout of the Ailes, Signs in the supermarket
-Clothing for employees
-Shopping Carts
-House brand products
-Trucks for product transport
-Office Stationary
-Goodies, Cash Regısters, Receipt, Plastic Bags



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